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Vocalist and Vocal Jazz Educator / Clinician Lori Williams is a native Washingtonian; and is the leader of her own Washington, DC-based entertainment group LoriJazz®. She graduated from Hampton University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree. Lori is the proud mother of two talented and gifted children, Lauren Vanessa Highsmith and Yusef Khalil Chisholm. Lori was the former Director of Programs / National Jazz Choir Director for the Best Friends Foundation. She has taught music in Washington, DC Public Schools for over 21 years. Currently, Lori is the Director of Vocal Music at Woodrow Wilson High School. She has an extensive background in the performing arts. She has directed several choirs including the National Diamond Girls Jazz Choir (performing for the Inauguration Ceremony for President George Bush); the Sagamihara Christian Fellowship Gospel Choir in Sagamihara, Japan; the Fort Foote Baptist Church Gospel Choir in Fort Washington, Maryland...



Oct 28 2016
POSE at the Gaylord
Nov 10 2016
Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club
Jul 9 2017 to Jul 16 2017



Eclipse of The Soul
by Lori Williams
© Copyright - Lori A. Williams - 2012

  1. Body and Soul
  2. Don't Ask My Neighbors
  3. Day By Day
  4. Eclipse of the Soul - Spoken Word
  5. Eclipse of the Soul
  6. What Was I to You
  7. Body and Soul Outro-I Surrender
  8. Scream Freedom
  9. La Vie En Rose
  10. What Have I Found in You
  11. The Moonlit Sky (Moonlight Sonata)
  12. Mother Black Crow

Healing Within
by Lori Williams
© Copyright - Lori A. Williams - 2010

  1. Healing Within (Blue in Green)
  2. Little Sunflower
  3. How Can I Begin Again
  4. Can't Explain
  5. Perfect World Interlude
  6. In A Perfect World
  7. Held Hostage
  8. Lay Your Body Down
  9. I Can't Make You Love Me
  10. Amazing Grace
  11. Healing Within (Blue in Green) Acoustic
  12. Where'd It Go
© 2015 Copyright
All Rights Reserved - LoriJazz™