"...the talented and vocally acrobatic Lori Williams. Her vocal scatting soars... Her tone and control are superb, and her inventiveness is inspired."
 Ralph A. Mirello, Jazz.com

"Her voice is the kind of jazz singing I enjoy listening to, and the silkiness makes me want to hear that all day and night."
 John Book, The Run Off Groove

"The evening's standout, vocalist Lori Williams, crooned most of the jazz standards with a smoke-and-honey voice."
 Lisa Traiger - The Washington Post

"Singer Lori Williams is back with her warm and rich voice, and she's as earthy as red clay, be it with lyrics, or without."
 George Harris, JazzWeekly.com

"...vocalist Lori Williams, whose vocals shine... rolls into a scat that's among the best I've ever heard... will bring a tear of joy (or more) to your eye, for sure."
 Dick Metcalf, Improvijazzation Nation

"Lori Williams, as always, her joy in singing is unshakable."
 Michael J. West, Washington City Paper

"Lori Williams" sensual surround sound vocals are like three lovers in your ears and mind at the same time."
- A. Scott Galloway

"Saltman Knowles provides generous helpings of live instrumentation which complement the smooth, heartfelt vocals of Lori Williams."
 Shelton Ivany, National News Bureau

"Lori Anne Williams has the sought-after combination of soul and technical prowess that reminds me of Ella Fitzgerald - a treat to any jazz fans' ears."
 Nathaniel Rolnick, Muzikreviews.com

"Singer Lori Anne Wiliams, a dynamic presence throughout, offering exquisite wordless vocals . . ."
 Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes

"Lori Anne Williams adds the final stamp, showing her control and finesse with her weaving scat between the melodic lines."
 Jerry D'Souza, All About Jazz

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